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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of infertile women with minimal endometriosis, fertile women and infertile women with tubal occlusion.

From: Expression of HOXA11 in the mid-luteal endometrium from women with endometriosis-associated infertility

Characteristics Endometriosis Fertile women Tubal occlusion
Number of patients 18 16 16
Age (years) 31 (24-38)a 31 (25-37)a 32 (25-39)a
Parity NA 2 (1-3) a NA
Duration of infertility (Years) 3 (1-4) NA 3 (1-4)
rASRM stageb Stage I (n = 8)
Stage II (n = 10)
  1. Median (Range)a, revised American Society for Reproductive Medicine classification (rASRM)b [24], NA-not applicable.