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Figure 15

From: The antiestrogen ICI 182,780 induces early effects on the adult male mouse reproductive tract and long-term decreased fertility without testicular atrophy

Figure 15

Cauda epididymal region on day 59 stained with Coomassie blue G250 to highlight the sperm acrosome and nucleus. A. Control section showing normal spermatozoa (arrow) with intact sperm tails and normal heads. Cytoplasmic droplets (*) are found along the mid-tail region. Sperm are aligned nearly parallel within the lumen. B. Higher magnification of a normal sperm from the control section showing an intact acrosome (arrows) along the dorsal edge of the sperm nucleus (pink stain). C. ICI-treated section showing more dilute sperm, isolated sperm heads (circles), disorganized appearance and sperm tails looped around the cytoplasmic droplets (*). D, E. higher magnification of ICI-treated sperm heads showing abnormal shapes (arrow) and decreased staining of the acrosome region. F. Higher magnification of the tail looped around cytoplasmic droplets (arrows). Bars = 10 μm for A, C. Bars = 2.5 μm for B, D, E, F.

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