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Table 5 Representation of CATSPER 3 and 4 in sequence databases and associated tissue sources.

From: Identification of human and mouse CatSper3 and CatSper4 genes: Characterisation of a common interaction domain and evidence for expression in testis

Gene Genomic cDNA EST Patent
Human CATSPER3 AC004764 Not present BI827754 901 bp (Brain-medulla) AX358304 – WO0194412 (No Tissue distribution)
    AI219834 337 bp (Pooled Testis-lung-B cell) AX047619 – WO0066735 (Predominantly Testis by Northern blot)
    AI027609 362 bp (Testis)  
    AW003058 306 bp (Germ cell tumor)  
    AW972257 417 bp (Colon cancer)  
    AW593391 306 bp (Germ cell tumor)  
    AW590264 306 bp (Germ cell tumor)  
    AW003002 306 bp (Germ cell tumor)  
    AW008956 258 bp (Colon)  
    AW007549 256 bp (Colon)  
    AA527520 255 bp (Colon)  
    BX280235 212 bp (Pooled Testis-lung-B-cell)  
Mouse CATSPER3 AC129780 AK014942 1312 bp (Adult testis) BY714458 951 bp (Adult testis) Not present
    BB679726 390 bp (Adult testis)  
    BY510167 408 bp (Bone marrow macrophage)  
    CA465993 758 bp (Testis)  
    BF147131 335 bp (Testis)  
    AV043837 252 bp (Testis)  
    AV280964 263 bp (Adult testis)  
    BB017226 225 bp (Adult testis)  
    BB013542 244 bp (Adult testis)  
Human CATSPER4 AL355877 Not present AA421134 518 bp (Testis) Not present
Mouse CATSPER4 AL627314 AK077145 1713 bp (Adult testis) AV280157 622 bp (Adult testis) Not present
    BB617038 605 bp (Adult testis)  
    BY096088 378 bp (Adult testis)  
    BY088873 365 bp (Pooled adult tissue)  
    BY454059 444 bp (Pooled adult tissue)  
    BU961662 795 bp (Testis)  
    BY459016 398 bp (Adult testis)  
    AV269930 241 bp (Adult testis)  
    AV281460 247 bp (Adult testis)  
    AV263155 176 bp (Adult testis)