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Figure 8

From: Identification of human and mouse CatSper3 and CatSper4 genes: Characterisation of a common interaction domain and evidence for expression in testis

Figure 8

Un-rooted phylogenetic tree showing CatSper family members with selected T- and L-type calcium channels. Repeats 1–4 of selected human L- and T-type calcium channels; CCAA_Human – calcium channel alpha1A (SWISSPROT O00555), CCAC_Human – calcium channel alpha1C (SWISSPROT Q13936), CCAG_Human – calcium channel alpha1G (SWISSPROT O43497), CCAH_Human – calcium channel 1H (SWISSPROT O95180) and CCAS_Human – calcium channel alpha1S (SWISSPROT Q13698).

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