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Figure 3 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 3

From: Identification of human and mouse CatSper3 and CatSper4 genes: Characterisation of a common interaction domain and evidence for expression in testis

Figure 3

Normalised expression of Human CatSper4 in 18 normal human tissues. (a) Amplicon size of human CatSper4, amplified from exon9. Lane 1 no template control, Lane 2 15 ng Testis cDNA, Lane 3 40 ng testis cDNA, Lane 4 DNA size marker ascending in 100 bp intervals from 100 bp upwards (Eurogentec). (b) Levels of human CatSper4 mRNA in 18 normal human tissues were determined using Taqman quantitative RT-PCR. Each sample was quantitated in 3 individual experiments, the mean ± SEM for the multiple experiments are shown. Tissue names followed by (2) represents an alternative RNA supplier.

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