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Figure 1

From: Identification of human and mouse CatSper3 and CatSper4 genes: Characterisation of a common interaction domain and evidence for expression in testis

Figure 1

Genomic organisation of the human and mouse CatSper3 genes. (a) Schematic of human and mouse CatSper3 genes on human chromosome 5q31.1 and mouse chromosome 13 respectively. Horizontal line represent human genome assembly NCBI 31 and mouse genome assembly NCBI 03, filled boxes represent coding regions, un-filled boxes represent non-coding regions (b) Comparison of exon boundaries between human and mouse genes, exons are shaded alternately, MSper3v1 and MSper3v2, represent the predicted splice variants of mouse CatSper3. Predicted transmembrane regions are underlined, the pore forming region is underlined with a dashed line.

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