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Figure 3

From: Regulation of Akt expression and phosphorylation by 17β-estradiol in the rat uterus during estrous cycle

Figure 3

Apoptotic and proliferative endometrial cell count during the estrous cycle. TUNEL and IHC of CDC47/MCM7 were used to count positive apoptotic and proliferative luminal epithelial cells as shown in figure 2. A minimum of 200 luminal epithelial cells per day of estrous cycle were counted in each experiment and results are presented as the percentage of proliferative positive-cells (A), % of TUNEL apoptotic-positive cells (B), and % of cleaved caspase-3 positive cells (C). Data represent the mean ± SEM of six different rat endometrial sections per day of estrous cycle. Columns with different superscript are significantly different (different letters are different from each other) (p < 0.05). *Significantly different (p < 0.05).

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