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Table 2 Expression of ERα, and ~52 and 64 kDa ERβ in human term placentae

From: Placental expression of estrogen receptor beta and its hormone binding variant – comparison with estrogen receptor alpha and a role for estrogen receptors in asymmetric division and differentiation of estrogen-dependent cells

Placental cell type ERα ERβ (N-19,~52 kDa) ERβ (E12, ~64 kDa)
Villous cytotrophoblast +a -b -
Syncytiotrophoblast - +c +a
Vascular pericytes +d - -
Endothelial cells - +a -
Extravillous trophoblast - +d +a
Extravillous fibroblasts +d +d +a
Amniotic epithelium - +a +a
Decidua (+)e +c -
  1. aNuclear. bCoexpression with ERα during early differentiation of CT cells. c Cytoplasmic. dNuclear/cytoplasmic. e Rare occurrence.