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Table 3 Effect of recombinant human FSH (rhFSH) and porcine FSH (pFSH) on cumulus expansion.

From: Responsiveness of bovine cumulus-oocyte-complexes (COC) to porcine and recombinant human FSH, and the effect of COC quality on gonadotropin receptor and Cx43 marker gene mRNAs during maturation in vitro

Hormone (ng/ml)

Percentage of Expanded COCs (%)1


3.12 ± 0.80a

1 rhFSH

87.26 ± 2.39b,mx

100 rhFSH

92.12 ± 1.44b,mx

1000 rhFSH

78.65 ± 9.90b,mx

1 pFSH

2.54 ± 0.72a,ly

100 pFSH

5.48 ± 1.08a,ly

1000 pFSH

76.40 ± 4.69b,my

  1. 1COCs that were evaluated as Category II and III at 21–22 h of maturation were considered expanded. Data are Means ± SEM. a,b denotes differences between the hormone and dose groups versus the negative control (0) in a one-way ANOVA, P < 0.05. Two-way ranked ANOVA was used to test the effect of source of hormone, dose and interaction. l,m within hormone, values with different superscripts are different, P < 0.05. x,y within dose, values with different superscripts are different, P < 0.05. Data are from eight replicates with approximately 550 COCs per treatment.