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Table 1 Summary of key information on protective immunity in bovine genital campylobacteriosis and trichomoniasis.

From: Vaccines against sexually transmitted diseases

Characteristic Campylobacteriosis Trichomoniasis
Etiologic Agent C. fetus (Gram negative bacteria) T. foetus (Protozoa)
Parasitic Type Extracellular noninvasive Extracellular noninvasive
Passive Protection by Antibody Reference 1 ND*
Specificity of Protective Antibody Heat labile surface antigen (S-Layer – Reference 33) Lipophosphoglycan surface antigen
Predominant Ig Class of Protective Antibody Uterus IgG1 or IgG2 Vagina IgA or IgG1 Uterus IgG1 Vagina IgA or IgG1
Most Protective Immunization Systemic Systemic or Systemic priming and local boosting
Cure of Infection by Vaccination Male and Female Male (Female?)
Evasion of Host Responses Antigenic Variation Proteinase cleavage of Ig Nonspecific binding of Ig
Vaccines Available Commercially Whole killed cells Systemic route Whole killed cells Systemic route
  1. *ND = Not Done